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Trade brings a commodity from somewhere, and sells it somewhere else. The internal or external transport, and the last they call the import, and at any time and place, you will find goods popular when importing, and others lost.

Today I bring you the opinion of a marketing expert working in the field of import and export consulting, where he list the best and the worst five commodities for profit at import. I transmit this list simply for consideration, which is not necessarily 100% correct or applicable in the Arab world or for any reason you think. If you come up with one piece of information from this post you are the winner. Let’s Begin: before all else i highly recommended you to watch this special video:

Top 5 profitable items when importing

1 – Smart phones

The cost of obtaining technology varies widely from one country to another because of the cost of innovation, research, manufacturing and materials. China is an ideal destination for importing smart phones because of the low prices of these phones there versus the technology they offer. (Of course taking into account quality)

2 – Technical Accessories

Accessories that complement the work of the latest laptops, phones and small electronic devices, all of these have a larger price away from the place of manufacture in different countries, and these goods are manufactured for wholesale, so the price is cheap and easy to buy large quantities of them, Selling them at an average price ensures an adequate profit.

3 – Games outside the house

These products are characterized by random demand. Any game can be widely accepted by the buying public, and then spread quickly. Demand is quickly reduced, which may bring you profit if you enter the market as soon as the demand is high. Games generally fall under the category of gifts, and this demand is not waived.

4 – Cosmetics

These Cosmetics products can be purchased in bulk and at cheap prices. They are characterized by the constant demand of women and girls, and they represent an economic alternative for those who do not want to buy these products from the famous shops at high prices.

5 – Home accessories

As with the technical accessories, house and house accessories are produced in large quantities and at economical prices. They are required in all homes, whether they are candles, roses or picture frames.

5 more loss items when imported

(These commodities are very difficult to make a profit when imported)

1 – Video Games / Videogames

These games make sales in their country much greater than others, and the difference of cultures and customs makes the success of the game is not enough for success in the other and vice versa, and these games have a short life, succeed today and tomorrow succeed others. All games that violate this rule have been captured by the top players in the market and will not be left to you. Do not forget as well hacking and gaming problems that only work in certain areas of the world.

2 – Clothing

In contrast to the prevailing concept, it is hard to make a profit from clothing, because able people tend to pick out famous brands and brands, so when you bring them a new mark they do not know, this makes them confused and do not accept it. In addition, the ease of importing clothes makes the market open to everyone, increasing the supply and reducing the profit margin.

3. Computers

Computers made for certain countries succeed only in this country, and because of the potential failures of the latter, buyers have turned to the demand for collateral on the computer they buy, which is usually provided by the agent in each country sold, making their import unprofitable for low turnout and small margin.

4 – Furniture

Yes, money can be earned from importing furniture, but that takes a long time to make a profit. Importing these giant sized goods means that you have to spend a lot on shipping, storing and ensuring that they are not damaged, then wait until they are sold and refund the investor with some profit.

5 – Jewelry

When you import jewelry, it is often fake, not genuine, cheap. When you sell these at a low price, the buyer knows that they are not genuine, so they lose their price and do not pay much. On the other hand, buying original jewelry is more profitable.

Finally, when one wants to start a trade, one will probably think about importing. The purpose of this blogging is to help you understand how the market is interacting with imported products and how you, as an importer, should think. No matter how much you like a commodity, Others are willing to take the price out of their pockets and give it to you. Yes, there are definitely other lists suitable for the Arab world, but unless you write them to us, we will not know about them.

Now, who of you works in the field of import and export or is thinking about entering it? What can you share with us?