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How To Drive Traffic To Your Ecommerce Store In 2018!

How to attract customer traffic to your online store? The huge number of e-stores on the Internet makes the creation and success of any new e-store a challenge in itself.

But does this mean that we stop the electronic business and the constant attempt to succeed?

There are many different ways to increase the traffic of visitors to any e-store, get more customers, and today you have four techniques that help to build 7 Figure Cycle and attract traffic to your online store:

7 Figure Cycle

7 Figure Cycle

1. Understand the real sales potential of the online store: Understand the sales of the site

Knowing what can and can not be done in the online store is the first step in this way, and develop the correct true expectations that fit the constraints and the target market reality mainly in investing the time and effort in marketing to exactly targeted customers, the point is to avoid wasting time targeting customers Not interacting with the store, and may not even be future customers. Here, you should focus on advertising campaigns on people who are genuinely interested in the store and the products and services sold.

People buy what they need or want, not necessarily buy what you insist on selling it to them. Many emerging e-shops fall into the wrong interpretation of the concept of products and the needs or wants of the target segment. “).

Keep in mind that The Tesler Trading site is the first tool to attract visitors and turn them into active customers (buyers), so it’s best to focus on targeting this segment of customers whose characters match those on display at the store.

The identity of the buyer can be defined as the ideal customer corresponding to the products under sale, based on market research and real data about the target customers. When defining the client’s personal identity for a given store for particular products, the demographic structure, patterns of behavior, motives and objectives should be taken into consideration. The greater the detail the better the customer’s personal identification and the more accurate, and thus the more tightly knit marketing plan.Customer identification

2 – Attractive electronic store:

The second step in attracting customers to a business location (or any other location) is to create or modify the site in line with the new engagement strategy and customer targeting strategy, and therefore the attractive location with simple design that allows you to easily access its various angles and offer the best shopping experience possible. , To the advantage of a place in the customers, and makes the decision to buy simple and fast.

This does not mean spending money and effort on designs, graphics, flash drives and other visual elements that may sometimes hinder your eyes and even distract your mind from making a purchase decision. You should not waste money or effort on any item unless it is of interest Indirectly) to convert the target customer to a real customer who is active in the store, otherwise you can invest in customer communication tools and clarify the services and products you offer them.

3 – Enhancing the presence of the store on search engines (SEO):

Promoting an online store (or any HBSwiss website) is a critical part of a store’s marketing efforts and is one of the best ways to connect potential customers looking for your products.

SEO is an easy way to get visitors and potential customers to become real customers of your online store, and this certainly helps to reduce marketing costs if you apply the SEO criteria well.

Structuring the store in a way that makes it easier for search engines to understand the store pages and the presence of products in it, thus making it easier for customers to have direct access to what they are looking for.

Combine the important elements search engines look into in store pages so that they are not buried in dark areas of search engines, so no one reaches them and access rates are low for different store products.

With some knowledge of SEO you can start building the store and making it a friend of search engines, making it easier for your target customers to reach you through those engines.

Getting a store in an advanced search engine ranking helps secure good sales (if not great) sales, while a low ranking does not put an end to the e-store but will certainly not help the desired growth or desired sales rate. Investment.

4. Increase traffic through targeted ads:

Investing in online advertising is critical to any online store, and one might say that advertising is expensive, but there are certainly a lot of low-cost strategies.

While there are global advertising platforms that offer targeted advertising services such as Google Adwords and Facebook, there are also Arab platforms targeted to the Arab region such as Ads Hassoub, which offers an exclusive Arab advertising platform and is easier to deal with than other platforms.

We have already mentioned many details of the electronic advertising trade before in an article titled “Electronic Advertising Trading and its Center in the Arab World”.

The important criterion here is the return on investment criterion, in other words, the ad budget must return to the store with profits by using an advertising mix targeted to the target segment.

Benefits of e-commerce ads:

Ads increase awareness and interest in the brand of the electronic store, and even if the store does not get direct sales revenue from those ads, it does not mean that advertising does not bear fruit, here may be the desired fruit indirectly.

The ads bring a lot of visitors to the store, some customers (buyers) and others visitors without a sale (sales), but there is an important fact to be aware that the first visitor who does not sell, may become a buyer in the future, Put the online store in the future purchase plans of the client (of course with the conditions of attractiveness and simplicity of the store in addition to the provision of quality products and services).

Ad-channel and ad quality targeting should be emphasized at the same time so ROI is measured against the goals of each ad and channel used.

Ads may affect cash flow in one way or another if it is not monitored in accordance with the marketing plan and budget allocated to it. It is important that you keep track of how much money you spend on ads according to the tunnel strategy in order to get the highest return possible for that investment.

Important things:

I think there is a need to use e-shops for targeted advertising, even at its lowest, and attention must be paid to some things in order to avoid attrition:

It is easy to be extravagant without the feeling of electronic advertising. All that is required is negligence in censorship and thus loss of advertising investment.

Getting buyers and increasing sales is the main goal of advertising, but it does not hurt if one of those goals is to increase brand awareness or electronic reputation.

The e-store must be present where its target customers (target audience) are located. When customers are located in certain locations, advertising can be advertised in those specific locations, and advertising is not advertised where the store manager likes to advertise. Also use content marketing policy to increase awareness of products in the target segment.

In The Last:

Implementing these techniques is important for any e-store that aims to increase sales and profit. Do not sell without customers, no customers without visits, no visits without follow-up and direct targeting.

By implementing the 7 Figure Cycle strategy of customer identification and identification of the target segment, we can apply any of these four techniques and achieve the highest success rates, all of which must be applied and measure and control the return on investment to avoid and reduce the rates of loss, God forbid.