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Parallel Profits

Trade brings a commodity from somewhere, and sells it somewhere else. The internal or external transport, and the last they call the import, and at any time and place, you will find goods popular when importing, and others lost.

Today I bring you the opinion of a marketing expert working in the field of import and export consulting, where he list the best and the worst five commodities for profit at import. I transmit this list simply for consideration, which is not necessarily 100% correct or applicable in the Arab world or for any reason you think. If you come up with one piece of information from this post you are the winner. Let’s Begin: before all else i highly recommended you to watch this special video:

Top 5 profitable items when importing

1 – Smart phones

The cost of obtaining technology varies widely from one country to another because of the cost of innovation, research, manufacturing and materials. China is an ideal destination for importing smart phones because of the low prices of these phones there versus the technology they offer. (Of course taking into account quality)

2 – Technical Accessories

Accessories that complement the work of the latest laptops, phones and small electronic devices, all of these have a larger price away from the place of manufacture in different countries, and these goods are manufactured for wholesale, so the price is cheap and easy to buy large quantities of them, Selling them at an average price ensures an adequate profit.

3 – Games outside the house

These products are characterized by random demand. Any game can be widely accepted by the buying public, and then spread quickly. Demand is quickly reduced, which may bring you profit if you enter the market as soon as the demand is high. Games generally fall under the category of gifts, and this demand is not waived.

4 – Cosmetics

These Cosmetics products can be purchased in bulk and at cheap prices. They are characterized by the constant demand of women and girls, and they represent an economic alternative for those who do not want to buy these products from the famous shops at high prices.

5 – Home accessories

As with the technical accessories, house and house accessories are produced in large quantities and at economical prices. They are required in all homes, whether they are candles, roses or picture frames.

5 more loss items when imported

(These commodities are very difficult to make a profit when imported)

1 – Video Games / Videogames

These games make sales in their country much greater than others, and the difference of cultures and customs makes the success of the game is not enough for success in the other and vice versa, and these games have a short life, succeed today and tomorrow succeed others. All games that violate this rule have been captured by the top players in the market and will not be left to you. Do not forget as well hacking and gaming problems that only work in certain areas of the world.

2 – Clothing

In contrast to the prevailing concept, it is hard to make a profit from clothing, because able people tend to pick out famous brands and brands, so when you bring them a new mark they do not know, this makes them confused and do not accept it. In addition, the ease of importing clothes makes the market open to everyone, increasing the supply and reducing the profit margin.

3. Computers

Computers made for certain countries succeed only in this country, and because of the potential failures of the latter, buyers have turned to the demand for collateral on the computer they buy, which is usually provided by the agent in each country sold, making their import unprofitable for low turnout and small margin.

4 – Furniture

Yes, money can be earned from importing furniture, but that takes a long time to make a profit. Importing these giant sized goods means that you have to spend a lot on shipping, storing and ensuring that they are not damaged, then wait until they are sold and refund the investor with some profit.

5 – Jewelry

When you import jewelry, it is often fake, not genuine, cheap. When you sell these at a low price, the buyer knows that they are not genuine, so they lose their price and do not pay much. On the other hand, buying original jewelry is more profitable.

Finally, when one wants to start a trade, one will probably think about importing. The purpose of this blogging is to help you understand how the market is interacting with imported products and how you, as an importer, should think. No matter how much you like a commodity, Others are willing to take the price out of their pockets and give it to you. Yes, there are definitely other lists suitable for the Arab world, but unless you write them to us, we will not know about them.

Now, who of you works in the field of import and export or is thinking about entering it? What can you share with us?

How To Drive Traffic To Your Ecommerce Store In 2018!

How to attract customer traffic to your online store? The huge number of e-stores on the Internet makes the creation and success of any new e-store a challenge in itself.

But does this mean that we stop the electronic business and the constant attempt to succeed?

There are many different ways to increase the traffic of visitors to any e-store, get more customers, and today you have four techniques that help to build 7 Figure Cycle and attract traffic to your online store:

7 Figure Cycle

7 Figure Cycle

1. Understand the real sales potential of the online store: Understand the sales of the site

Knowing what can and can not be done in the online store is the first step in this way, and develop the correct true expectations that fit the constraints and the target market reality mainly in investing the time and effort in marketing to exactly targeted customers, the point is to avoid wasting time targeting customers Not interacting with the store, and may not even be future customers. Here, you should focus on advertising campaigns on people who are genuinely interested in the store and the products and services sold.

People buy what they need or want, not necessarily buy what you insist on selling it to them. Many emerging e-shops fall into the wrong interpretation of the concept of products and the needs or wants of the target segment. “).

Keep in mind that The Tesler Trading site is the first tool to attract visitors and turn them into active customers (buyers), so it’s best to focus on targeting this segment of customers whose characters match those on display at the store.

The identity of the buyer can be defined as the ideal customer corresponding to the products under sale, based on market research and real data about the target customers. When defining the client’s personal identity for a given store for particular products, the demographic structure, patterns of behavior, motives and objectives should be taken into consideration. The greater the detail the better the customer’s personal identification and the more accurate, and thus the more tightly knit marketing plan.Customer identification

2 – Attractive electronic store:

The second step in attracting customers to a business location (or any other location) is to create or modify the site in line with the new engagement strategy and customer targeting strategy, and therefore the attractive location with simple design that allows you to easily access its various angles and offer the best shopping experience possible. , To the advantage of a place in the customers, and makes the decision to buy simple and fast.

This does not mean spending money and effort on designs, graphics, flash drives and other visual elements that may sometimes hinder your eyes and even distract your mind from making a purchase decision. You should not waste money or effort on any item unless it is of interest Indirectly) to convert the target customer to a real customer who is active in the store, otherwise you can invest in customer communication tools and clarify the services and products you offer them.

3 – Enhancing the presence of the store on search engines (SEO):

Promoting an online store (or any HBSwiss website) is a critical part of a store’s marketing efforts and is one of the best ways to connect potential customers looking for your products.

SEO is an easy way to get visitors and potential customers to become real customers of your online store, and this certainly helps to reduce marketing costs if you apply the SEO criteria well.

Structuring the store in a way that makes it easier for search engines to understand the store pages and the presence of products in it, thus making it easier for customers to have direct access to what they are looking for.

Combine the important elements search engines look into in store pages so that they are not buried in dark areas of search engines, so no one reaches them and access rates are low for different store products.

With some knowledge of SEO you can start building the store and making it a friend of search engines, making it easier for your target customers to reach you through those engines.

Getting a store in an advanced search engine ranking helps secure good sales (if not great) sales, while a low ranking does not put an end to the e-store but will certainly not help the desired growth or desired sales rate. Investment.

4. Increase traffic through targeted ads:

Investing in online advertising is critical to any online store, and one might say that advertising is expensive, but there are certainly a lot of low-cost strategies.

While there are global advertising platforms that offer targeted advertising services such as Google Adwords and Facebook, there are also Arab platforms targeted to the Arab region such as Ads Hassoub, which offers an exclusive Arab advertising platform and is easier to deal with than other platforms.

We have already mentioned many details of the electronic advertising trade before in an article titled “Electronic Advertising Trading and its Center in the Arab World”.

The important criterion here is the return on investment criterion, in other words, the ad budget must return to the store with profits by using an advertising mix targeted to the target segment.

Benefits of e-commerce ads:

Ads increase awareness and interest in the brand of the electronic store, and even if the store does not get direct sales revenue from those ads, it does not mean that advertising does not bear fruit, here may be the desired fruit indirectly.

The ads bring a lot of visitors to the store, some customers (buyers) and others visitors without a sale (sales), but there is an important fact to be aware that the first visitor who does not sell, may become a buyer in the future, Put the online store in the future purchase plans of the client (of course with the conditions of attractiveness and simplicity of the store in addition to the provision of quality products and services).

Ad-channel and ad quality targeting should be emphasized at the same time so ROI is measured against the goals of each ad and channel used.

Ads may affect cash flow in one way or another if it is not monitored in accordance with the marketing plan and budget allocated to it. It is important that you keep track of how much money you spend on ads according to the tunnel strategy in order to get the highest return possible for that investment.

Important things:

I think there is a need to use e-shops for targeted advertising, even at its lowest, and attention must be paid to some things in order to avoid attrition:

It is easy to be extravagant without the feeling of electronic advertising. All that is required is negligence in censorship and thus loss of advertising investment.

Getting buyers and increasing sales is the main goal of advertising, but it does not hurt if one of those goals is to increase brand awareness or electronic reputation.

The e-store must be present where its target customers (target audience) are located. When customers are located in certain locations, advertising can be advertised in those specific locations, and advertising is not advertised where the store manager likes to advertise. Also use content marketing policy to increase awareness of products in the target segment.

In The Last:

Implementing these techniques is important for any e-store that aims to increase sales and profit. Do not sell without customers, no customers without visits, no visits without follow-up and direct targeting.

By implementing the 7 Figure Cycle strategy of customer identification and identification of the target segment, we can apply any of these four techniques and achieve the highest success rates, all of which must be applied and measure and control the return on investment to avoid and reduce the rates of loss, God forbid.

HBSwiss Trading Robot Is HB Swiss SCAM Binary System?

HBSwiss Trading Robot Is HB Swiss SCAM Binary System? How To Profit With HBSwiss Robot? Are Looking To HBSwiss Login Page? Here’s a Special Access Link To HB Swiss Trading Robot Website!


Young people, men and women always seek to find a chance to achieve this financial freedom dream. Some of them find their way, and some of them are bored by the search and give up their dreams.

HBSwiss Forex trading companies have become a way to reap money. The term “Forex” has spread widely, a currency exchange or foreign exchange trading market. It is the largest financial market in the world, with more than $3 trillion traded daily. In global currencies.

In the “Forex market” trading is done by buying or selling “currency pairs”, where the HB Swiss trader who has money in this market and wants to exchange them against other currencies, trading currency against another. Such as the euro against the US dollar, the US dollar against the Japanese yen, the euro against the Japanese yen, the pound against the Swiss franc, the Canadian dollar against the US dollar, and others.

When a HB Swiss trader opens a deal in the Forex markets, he or she makes a deal on a particular currency pair, or a deal on another pair of currencies. There is no specific central location for the Forex market, so it is one of the most flexible and available online trading for all investors from around the world.

HB Swiss

HB Swiss

HB Swiss Forex traders are divided into two main types: long-term traders and short-term traders. We can add a third category, “gamblers,” where some enter the currency market for quick profit without knowing the laws and rules of the financial markets.

The Forex market is one of the most volatile markets in the world and operates 24 hours a day.

Prices depend on a wide range of economic and political factors. Everything can affect the online currency market, but the main factors affecting currency rates are: “Interest rates, inflation, political and economic stability of countries.”

Governments often enter the FX market to influence currency prices. Some governments either dump the market in the state currency to lower their price or buy large amounts of the currency to raise the price. However, given the size of the Forex market, there is no single entity that can affect the market significantly.

On the potential returns or HBSwiss profit, the potential returns from online currency trading are almost endless. Many Forex companies offer a high leverage so that the trader can trade tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars, while the capital may be a few hundred dollars in Obviously, the higher the leverage, the higher the chances of profit, but the higher the loss.

The way you gain or lose depends on how you trade. But the fact is that, unlike many other financial markets, HB Swiss trading can be inexpensive. Since most HB Swiss brokers offer leverage of at least 100: 1, traders can trade tens of thousands of dollars with 500 Only dollars in the account.

Unlike in other financial markets, each of us does not need a lot of things to start trading currencies online, we do not need a license, and can start with a very small capital. But it is not wise to start trading in this market without adequate preparation in advance, which ensures reading and study and identify the entrances and exits of this market, in addition to the choice of a reliable HBSwiss mediator.

Choosing the right HB Swiss Trading Robot broker through the Internet may be one of the most important decisions made by the investor. Therefore, it is very important that a well thought out decision is taken. It is also important for the investor to study the transaction well and understand the effects before trading online.

HBSwiss Forex Trading Tips

“Forex trading is easy,” so many sites try to convince us, but if so, were not we supposed to be all rich?

As a whole new thing in life, we need to learn how to do it right too. At the moment, novice Forex traders are lucky enough to have a wealth of online training to help them learn how to use technical indicators, automated trading systems and countless other tools.

With careful preparation and appropriate tools such as a HBSwiss trading strategy that disturbs passion, as well as a good use of the principle of risk versus reward, it is imperative that we begin to reap profits at the end of a series of HB Swiss deals. So, why is it sometimes bad for some people?

There are many answers to this question, but one of the most important of these answers is that, often, novice traders adopt the principle of “I know everything” after the success or early successes, while the professional HBSwiss trader is still seeking Forex trading tips when I need it.

In addition, this problem varies between the sexes, and can be associated with masculinity that never makes them admit mistakes. How many times have we seen a couple driving in a vicious circle just because the man refuses to admit he is lost and refuses to look at the map, despite his partner’s protests? He prefers to continue, hoping to find the right path instead of taking the logical step of looking at the map.

We see the same scenario in HBSwiss Forex trading, especially now that social networking sites have brought together traders. Good Forex trading tips may be in a text message, a Tweet or a HB Swiss trading recommendation, and these HB Swiss Binary trading tips may be about how to make a profit, and news may mean that a HBSwiss trader must withdraw before losing, but to have a real impact, consider these Tips are good and act accordingly.

HB Swiss

The worst enemy to taking forex trading tips is vanity. Many successful traders, even for a short while, surround themselves with a halo of absolute power, retract their reserves and refuse to admit that they may be wrong. These steps ultimately lead to disaster. Yes, a professional trader who has developed his sixth sense may be a good reason to ignore one of these HB Swiss Forex trading tips, but until you reach this level, you should definitely look at the advice carefully, as well as the source of these HBSwiss trading tips. There is an old example that is still true to this day; advice is free, but you have to take from it just what you deserve to take.

To improve your chances of HB Swiss success, listen to Forex trading tips from trusted sources only, do some research on how successful they are after implementing their own tips, see if other indicators support their views, and finally decide whether you can work with their advice.

I know a trader, let’s call it Leon. He works in HBSwiss Forex trading. He has been an active trader for several years. Its profits are irregular, they often move up or down significantly during the same day. When Leon earns some money, his self-confidence rises and he feels like a strong HB Swiss trader. On the other hand, when he loses money, he feels like a loser, a loser and a fool. For a while, Leon was wondering why he could not succeed regularly, and why his losses seemed far greater than his profits. He has been asking himself these questions even though he does not have a plan for trading in HBSwiss Forex and does not constantly document his transactions. Despite many laws, he tends to violate them regularly.

Lyon had no idea why he could not get different results even though he still had the same pattern of behavior. In fact, Lyon has come out of control, but has not changed. It is moving strongly towards a massive loss of all its money. Are you Lyon?

If you want to change your behavior, you must first change your thinking, and because much of your thinking is led by your subconscious, you should be aware of your own destructive underlying beliefs that drive thinking, emotions and destructive behavior. Forex trading is actually money, it’s a serious business, and with every moment while you’re in the trade, you’re either losing or earning money. But it goes beyond that

Money is not only the cornerstone of our society, it is linked to your identity. If you win, you will often feel strong, efficient and intelligent, and if you lose, you will feel the opposite

In fact, when you trade Forex, you always express yourself; whether you want to, try to do it or feel the need, it does not matter, you do and you will express yourself. When you express yourself, your behavior is often associated with unconscious beliefs. In fact, when you are in the market, every defect, every weakness and every personal flaw you have will be subject to challenge and test. This does not mean that markets are doing this to you. On the contrary, markets do not have any grudge against you – even if you have wondered too much how the markets know you just started a buying deal and how they chose that particular moment to drop. There are no rewards, penalties, pain or risk in the markets, but there are only consequences.

You can not change what you can not meet and you can not face what you do not know. Awareness is the key to Forex trading. The more you are aware of your own destructive destructive beliefs, the more successful you are. Now, you may ask; how do I do it? How do you become more aware if those restricted beliefs exist in the subconscious? You will be more aware simply by asking questions about yourself, and through personal observation while watching the markets. By checking yourself and checking the market, you will begin to gain awareness of the importance of a binary trading plan or change your existing plan if it is already unsuccessful. Why are you still doing things that you said you should stop doing, and why you fail to do the same things that you say you should do. Once you have identified the underlying destructive data, you can begin to deal with it; one problem after another.

So, trading in Forex is a journey to self-discovery, and you have to start pulling layers to your senses, layer by layer to begin to understand and identify what motivates you to conduct that produces those results you do not want. There are two basic types of data regarding trading. Many HB Swiss traders overlook this fact and therefore miss a very important set of variables that greatly affect their HBSwiss trading. One type of data is the mechanical data, which represents everything related to the markets; that entity, news, technical analysis, tools, indicators, etc. This data is external to you. The second type of data is internal data, which represents everything related to your thoughts, emotions, and behavior; you have to manage these two types of data to manage your HBSwiss results.

Forex trading is a 100% mental and emotional game, regardless of whether you prepare, analyze, manage, or perform during trading; all of this requires mental and emotional tools. If you do not have these mental and emotional tools, you will lose your way. You should be aware of what prevents you from maintaining obligations. In the way of mastering the mental game, tools and techniques will teach you how to move and direct your HBSwiss trades while helping you to see correctly. Remember, you can not change what you can not meet and you can not face what you do not know.


Omnia APP Review Is Omnia Investments SCAM Or NOT? FREE Login

Omnia APP Review Is Omnia Investments SCAM Or NOT? FREE Login to Omnia APP Trading System! How To Make Money With Omnia Trading Software? Here’s My Omnia APP Review Before Join in Omnia Investments Website

There is no doubt that the currency trading in the binary options trading market is one of the most important investment favored by Omnia APP traders to this market availability of liquidity and high trading volumes large financial lever that will increase profit opportunities and minimize risk types. To achieve maximum profit in Omnia APP trading, traders and experts have developed many ways to build a profitable trading strategies using modern technologies. One of these means, which we will talk about in this Omnia APP Review are the trading signals and how to use them to build successful strategies for trading currencies in the forex market.

Product Name: Omnia APP AKA Omnia Investments
Omnia APP Website: OmniaAPP.Biz
Omnia Investments CEO: Matthew Hammersmith
Omnia APP Cost: FREE

Omnia APP

Omnia APP

Omnia APP

Omnia Trading Signals: How does Omnia APP work? Trading signals an important trading tool that helps traders to make trading decisions by providing them with signals in and out of the market, it is not every trader has time to control most of the currencies in the forex market twenty-four hours, seven days a week pairs. The trading signals provided by Omnia APP broker firms or private companies provide trading recommendations on the market in the form of alerts by SMS or e-mail messages, or directly on the trading platform. These Omnia APP signals are giving you information on the asset that must be traded, the right time to enter and exit from the transaction, the price trend downwards or upwards. Advantages of Omnia Software trading signals constitute trading signals great benefit to investors and traders who do not have enough time to analyze price movements and monitoring of market events on an ongoing basis.

It can also be a valuable educational tool for novice traders by doing trying to analyze and understand the entry and exit trading signals sent by the service provider signals. The Omnia APP trading signals issued by experts and professional traders which makes them very useful, and what you need to do is to make sure the quality of these signals by examining the historical performance and its use during the trial period. As it also provides Omnia traders with updates and price movements simultaneously. Omnia Trading signals using technical indicators is no doubt that the trading signals provide significant benefits for traders in building profitable strategies in the forex market, but with the increase of the companies that provide this service has become difficult for traders discrimination expert and reliable companies that can offer trading signals profitable and reliable other companies that only seek to reap profits through commissions and fees for monthly subscriptions to the traders account. In order to find reliable trading signals service you should trading record for each service separately to find the appropriate service for your trading method of review.

The forex provided by major brokerage firms trading signals services that may be subscribed prices are too high especially for novice traders. Add to that the delays and slow implementation, which may encounter traders to receive these signals especially those who depend on the speed of trade execution chart 1 or 5 minutes. Because the trading signals provided by some Omnia Investments broker firms may not be useful or not in your pocket, we’ll introduce you to some of the ways to use Forex Trading in building successful strategies using technical indicators signals.

Omnia APP Technical indicators: technical indicators is a set of charts are calculated by mathematical equations based on the price data, and used to follow the price movement and analyze its strengths and anticipate future trends, which is one of the pillars of technical analysis in the options trading markets. The indicators moving averages, relative strength index (RSI), Bollinger Bands (Bollinger Bands), and Stochastic months and the most widely used by traders.

Omnia APP Trading signals using the Relative Strength Index (RSI): RSI is more used to create trading strategies in the Forex market indicators have been developed in the seventies of the last century, and the index to clarify the current strength of the movement of the price of the currency pairs on the basis of the closing prices for a certain period of trading. The RSI is classified as an indication of the momentum indicators, which measures the speed and volume of the direction of price movement. And converts the output to the numbers on a scale of 0 to 100, the highest number of 70 means that the currency is in the “overbought” zone indicates that the currency is known as excessive in terms of purchase and therefore there is a high probability that the price correction. The number lower than 30 means that the currency in “oversold” zone indicates that the currency is known as excessive in terms of sales and therefore there is a great possibility because the price is known as bounce to the upside.

You can see how RSI gave two signals to enter a short position on EUR / USD (EUR / USD) on the daily frame, the first in February and the second in May. The index exceeded the level of 70 means that the currency is known as the peak in the purchase and therefore a high probability occurrence of correction, which is what happened where the pair rebounded nearly 400 points in both cases. To get out of the deal, you can wait for the index rebound or waiting for a break of the moving average. And it is placing an order stop loss above last candle pair rebounded from her (under another candle in the case of going long).

Trading Using Bollinger Bands indicator signals: phase Bollinger Bands indicator of the party, “John Bollinger” at the beginning of the eighties, and is based on his work on the premise that the market is always in reciprocal movement with the support of animation and resistance from which to predict the areas reflux price levels.

The index consists of the three borders, East is a limit to twenty-day moving average, and the upper limit of a standard deviation positive moving average, then the lower limit, which is the standard deviation of a negative moving average.

Stock prices are affected by several things, including that of the company’s operating activities, economic circumstantial, the sovereign decisions of the countries or regions in which the company operates, as well as the public to the prevailing trend in the capital markets.

To the companies a role to play in the economy, which is to provide services and produce goods that meet the needs of consumers versus achieve maximum profit. In order to continue their activities they need financial resources, in order to obtain the necessary funding. These companies often borrow either from individuals or commercial banks or other financial institutions, or through a bond offering. They can also turn to put up a share of their capital in the stock market, so investors buy shares of these companies to become owners of the company by the number of shares they have purchased.

When you ask Omnia Investments companies sell shares in the stock market these shares become ordinary individuals like commodities that circulated among themselves, so that investors can buy and sell these shares in the stock markets. In contrast to ordinary commodities that are traded between individuals and that are easy to determine the value of the party people who are in the process exchanges, it is difficult for market participants to know the real value of the shares, because they are investors differ in methods of assessment per share as multiple visions and their goals Add to that the participants in the Atzmon markets not rational in taking investment decisions or trading which makes the stock price change in the market with a time up and down.

As in the exchange of goods between persons, shares of exchange-traded companies with the laws of supply and demand are subject, if demand exceeds supply, ie the number of shares that a class of traders want to buy more than the number of shares you want another category sold, the price of this stock will rise as long as the demand is higher than supply, and vice versa, that if supply exceeds demand, the share price will fall.

Stock prices are affected by several things, including that of the company’s operating activities, economic circumstantial, the sovereign decisions of the countries or regions in which the company operates, as well as the public to the prevailing trend in the capital markets.

1. The financial figures of the company: When the listed company achieved in the stock market positive financial results in terms of revenue and profitability figures, investors will look and naturally from having a stake in this Omnia APP company because they will receive a share of the profits generated by the company, which means increasing the number of investors who want to buy the company’s shares and thus raised the company’s share price as a result of the demand exceeds the supply. In contrast, if that declares and constantly declining financial results for the company, investors who own these shares will be looking to sell their shares and the search for companies that are the best will make the supply more than demand financial results and thus reduce the company’s shares price.

2. The general trend of the market: the stock markets move in cycles of ups and downs these courses may last for years, and the majority of shares of Omnia APP companies (over 75%) and private medium and large companies in terms of market value following the general trend in the market. Despite the fact that what has been achieved positive results, but the price may be affected by the general direction downside company.

3. launch a new product: When you announce a firm date for a new product, often rising share price because many investors may expect to affect the Omnia APP Scam company’s results in the affirmative, while some traders bought the stock for speculative purposes only in the short term. This phenomenon is spreading largely with shares of global technology companies.

4. Results exceed expectations: When you financial companies announcing earnings reports, which are unexpected numbers of participants in the market, shares of these companies know the sharp fluctuations in the short run, whether up or down according to reports numbers. Sometimes Despite the fact that some companies do not achieve profitability and the announcement of lower than expected losses, known as the shares of these Omnia Trading companies were advanced.

5. monetary policies: monetary policies adopted by governments may affect stock prices, and the best example is the quantitative easing program, launched by the US Federal Bank after the mortgage crisis that hit the global economy, in addition to lower interest rates in an attempt to stimulate the economy and bail him out of recession. Omnia APP program relies on pumping liquidity into the economy by buying financial assets from stocks and bonds. While lower interest rates makes Omnia Trading System investors transferred their capital from fixed-income and low-risk assets into high-yield and relatively high risk in the stock markets. This has led US stocks to rise with the beginning of the year 2017 to significant levels, although the economy was still suffering from the effects of the crisis have not recovered yet.

Get Instant Access To Omnia APP Trading Software Risk Free now…

Omnia APP

Omnia APP

Tesler Trading System Is Tesler Trading Company SCAM Or REAL?

Tesler Trading System Is Tesler Trading Company SCAM Or REAL? What is Tesler Trading System? How To Use Steven Abrahams Tesler Trading System? Here’s The Latest Tesler Trading Review in 2017

Tesler Trading System

In your journey to learn binary options trading Sure, there are errors in trading. While many Tesler Trading System traders will strike their heads against the wall because of these mistakes, and this is a good thing. Why do? Because this means you learn to apply and find out what the problem is in the style of your Tesler Trading System trade. After all, that you do not have any mistakes and learn how to get better with Tesler Trading Company? If you continue to commit the same mistake again and again, it means that you did not learn of them did not achieve any progress. There are a lot of reasons why Tesler Trading System traders lose their money, and through this article we will talk about the most prominent six errors committed by traders and individuals that lead to failure in trading.

Tesler Trading System

Tesler Trading System Results

1. Excessive trading

Trading in financial markets become in some cases for some Tesler Trading System traders are addictive, they are thus several deals just because the market is open or because he does not find what they’re doing. For success in the capital markets on a rolling be disciplined and patient standing and waiting for the appropriate opportunity, the market is always full of opportunities. And excessive trading, or United Trading Network for just trading is one of the most common mistakes committed by traders in the financial markets due to the large desire to make a profit quickly. The best way to avoid excessive trading is by following a clearly defined strategy defined and can trade only when you provide opportunities and conditions that fit this strategy.

2. The failure to identify the three elements of each Tesler Trading Company deal

Every transaction done in any financial market consists of three essential components, an area of ​​entry, stop-loss, and the exit. And identifying these elements properly dramatically increases the likelihood of rolling success.

– Zone login: rolling to determine accurately enter the area because it sometimes is not enough to just expect the bullish or bearish, zone entry must be close to the area to stop the loss, the more they shortened the distance between them, but I said to risk ratio.

-Loss: a lot of private 100K Factory Revolution traders do not novices are identifying the stop-loss properly area, stop loss order should be placed in an area where the reason for entering into the deal null and void, and if you do not know where to put it not interfere with the deal.

– Exit area: The item you overlook the most novice Tesler Trading Company traders. Exit area vary with different methods and strategies of trading and market data, time frame, and can be set off by Fibonacci ratios or support and resistance or technical models or penetrate a moving averages that track the movement of the price levels of the area.

Turn your bad luck into Good Luck Tesler Trading Company

3. exaggerate the risk

A lot of traders in different markets they are using leverage in an exaggerated manner or risk a large proportion of the portfolio to enter into a single package, and when the market takes the opposite direction be a big loss, which could have significant repercussions on the psyche of the rolling, and therefore not to take trading decisions correct. Some traders after taking such a loss trying to enter into direct new deals after the loss to recover their money in spite of the lack of any real opportunity in the market.

And therefore it must be rolling estimate the cost of each transaction, Tesler Trading Company traders successful should be calculated the risk ratio for every deal and always be prepared to incur losses that are under control and can be borne. And here lies the solution to diversify the portfolio and reduce the volume of transactions with the use of the base “2%”, where a rolling stop-loss orders must be placed so that the total loss does not exceed in all trades 2% – 5% of the portfolio by trading style.

4. The lack of a clear trading plan

Another common error committed by traders Rookie is the lack of a clear trading plan. The first step to success in trading is the presence of the circulation and followed properly plan. And, as they say failure to plan is planning to fail. Successful rolling is trading with an explicit guidelines for the management of capital, risk ratio, allotted to each transaction amount, entry and exit and stop loss and the right time to implement his strategy as well as for the period that must be present in the market and the period that should be avoided in all trading areas. The existence of specific and clear trading plan and follow the rules properly thought out will make the work easy rolling and reduces the effect of emotion factor on its decisions, thereby increasing the likelihood of success in trading and make the size of the loss in control of it.

5. misled by the herd

With the development of technology and means of communication has become a rolling challenged the analysis of the sheer volume of information and news that showered him from all different media. This media is full of Bamahll including the so-called financial experts who centered the core of their mission in the modern and the issuance of opinions and expectations that are not correct in most cases. And rolling to know that these work is a modern version expectations and therefore not taking their views seriously. Add to that some of the sites and the people who provide trading tips and recommendations that are mostly futile, based on earning profits involved subscriptions where on a monthly basis if these recommendations profitable for the them to follow them and make money by trading in the markets.

Become a successful trader With Tesler Trading System

6. absence of book trading

Successful Tesler Trading System traders will save the book for all their transactions, to measure their performance and know their strengths and their weaknesses, study and analysis, and work to maintain their strengths and try to fix their weaknesses. The successful rolling with all the trading process carried out by recorded in a notebook with a diagram of the asset in circulation and record the reason for entering into this transaction and the areas of entry and exit, and as a result of the transaction. Had the deal, losing the study and analysis of the mistake and what needs to be done in the future to avoid this error. Use the notebook for keeping the trading operations carried out by rolling will help you to find out the mistakes that you make and the aspects that you have to improve it.

Is Orion Code SCAM Software Website By Edward Robinson?

Is Orion Code SCAM Software Website By Edward Robinson? Edward Robinson Orion Code Scam Review – Is Orion Code Software Still Performing Great in 2017? Find Out! Is Orion Code Scam? Is Orion Code APP Worth it? If you have these questions in your mind, then learn this Orion Code review now carefully before use Orion Code Login Page. Orion Code Trading APP is a new binary options trading software which has already created a Special buzz in binary trading market.

Undoubtedly, Orion Code System is promoted via Special way but the question is “Is Orion Code real money making system or Orion Code scam?” Well, our TeslerAPP team has personally tried Orion Code Scam software for one week before posting this honest Orion Code reviews and we are feeling very happy to review a genuine trading system after a long duration called “OrionCode

Binary APP Name: The Orion Code
The Orion Code Website:
The Orion Code Members Sign in:
The Orion Code CEO: Edward Robinson
The Orion Code Price: FREE

Orion Code

Orion Code Results

Orion Code Scam

Did you know that you can trade binary options using Orion Code System?

Now you can enjoy the easiest forms of trading online using Orion Code Scam. In addition to the fact that this indication of the development witnessed by the world, is also the command opens the way to a huge amount of possibilities and opportunities!

May be a beginner you do not know what is Orion Code and what are binary options, and if this is the case must be that there are many questions you have now! Do not worry … we’ll help you continue reading to find out all the information you need and that of your confusion.

What is Orion Code Software?
Orion Code Bitcoin is new and interesting of currencies and the idea kind of like a science fiction ideas that you read about in novels or see in movies.

Bitcoin are “digital currency” that allows you to pay on the Internet and that “create” money out of thin air. How does this make sense and how can something does not have any intrinsic value or a limited amount that is done? Currency linked to the dollar value of gold valued at a value because gold is a finite resource.

So how Bitcoin currency work? Bitcoin is in fact only one of several types of e-currency, but the most popular. It became today there are some bars in Silicon Valley, where you can buy drinks and pay Balbtkoan.

The Orion Code Trading currency system is like a record of joint accounts among many users. When you pay for one or one you pay using The Orion Code Software, this financial transaction recorded in the encrypted log accounts a very high standard, so it is necessary to “resolving” the code using complex mathematical equations before recording the transaction.

Each time a financial transaction is carried out using Bticoin in Orion Code System, competing several computers to solve specific equation for that transaction, after the transaction is resolved confirmation. This ensures you that the person who pays you used Orion Code really do not pay you money is real. When one of the computers can solve the equation, the owner gets the Orion Code too. This Orion Code Login Page process is called as “astrology” or mining It allows anyone with a computer has strongly sufficient severity that earns money from this system.

This entire process takes place within the peer system of peer or peer-to-peer, which works similar to a file-sharing platforms such as Orion Code APP and chat platforms such as Skype. The establishment of the system of equations and makes astrology difficult with time, as there is no limit to the amount that can be outlined Bitcoin a 21 million configure. This increasing difficulty and this limit protects the value Alpetkoan because they encompassed non-banks to issue new.

You need to know all the little details. It is important to know that Orion Code system is an intelligent system that was created by people who are very smart, which completely eliminates the need for any central bank. More importantly, Orion Code Inc that can be processed electronically using the algorithm equations only, which means – in theory – that allows you to write code for the program trading in the stock market you completely independently, without the need to add money to your Orion Code Trading account. The Orion Code Software program can also get more Bitcoin traded through astrology!

But let’s not jump the gun …

What is binary options trading?
Let’s talk now about binary options trading. It is another financial concept may seem somewhat abstract in appearance but in fact has a very real benefits for those who can well understand.

The binary options trading is – essentially – a kind of trading types in the stock market, which allows you to buy and sell “options” and not the stock itself. When trading binary option, rather than relative to reap profits are determined by the percentage of increase or decrease of the stock, which it, you gain an amount – to be determined fullfile if the stock coincided with the standards that Orion Code Scam movement. There is no intermediate results in this type of trading; the result “bi,” which means that you either will achieve a specific profit or will not bring any profit.

There you have in binary options trading process two options: “option to purchase” or “sale option.” Purchase option means that you expect the high value of the stock. In this option, you will get the exact profit if the share price rises above its price at the implementation or left it. But if they dropped any percentage for the execution price, you will not reap any profits. The “option of selling” is keeping the right to sell this item under the contract price implementation option. This means that you expect the price drop in the future and you retain the right to sell at a price of execution in order to make a profit.

Edward Robinson Orion Code

Thus, the binary options trading means you predict whether the value of the stock will fall or rise in a specific period and that is all you have to choose. If you use an Edward Robinson Orion Code application of binary options trading, it will be with the utmost simplicity. All you have to do is to press either the purchase “call” option button or an option to sell “put” option button in front of you when it appears on the screen. That is, you will earn money very quickly without the need for recognize the enormous amount of complex financial information.

What is the result when combining Orion Code and binary trading options?
Now you can to trade binary options using Bitcion on Orion Code platform. This means that you can deposit in your Orion Code account and then Bitcoin traded currencies and indicators exactly as you do if the dollars in your Orion Code Verion 8 account. This means that you can make money by trading without spending real dollars not something that many people may find it very appropriate financial conditions. In the future, this may lead to the presence of companies based on automated algorithms which make money through the Orion Code Trading Platfrom.

But at the same time, the Orion Code APP allow you to trade options, meaning that you can predict whether the value of Orion Code Scam will rise or fall and earn money if you can tell what is right in. This option is very interesting for those who like to keep abreast of developments in the world of technology, which is a sign of the change wrought by the Internet on our lives. We are deliberating the value of national currencies for a long time, but now for the first time we are deliberating the value of Bitcoin a digital trading system as a whole.

Download Orion Code

Tesler APP Review Is Tesler Investments Software SCAM?

Tesler APP Review Is Tesler Investments Software SCAM? Is Steven Abrahams Tesler Trading APP Real? Where to Access To Tesler APP 2017? How to Activate TeslerAPP Trade Easly? Take a look in My Tesler APP Review

Tesler APP

Tesler APP When an traders decides to invest in stocks or mutual funds can provoke choose between shares of many listed companies in the financial markets. These Tesler investments are usually available and antiques different levels of risk, and varying levels of returns. Because of the investment options available in front of multiple and different Tesler Trade dramatically and up to dozens of stocks and investment funds – the likelihood of success of an investor be greater if it has a specific strategy to choose and trade-offs between these investments. It may be better positioned if adopted many strategies, each of which agrees a different economic circumstance. For example, certain strategic investor may be used at a high interest rate, and the other at the drop. And any general investment strategy several requirements: firstly to how that should be the investor in the distribution of its assets invested on various investment pools categories, such as stocks, for example, or precious metals, or real estate. Second: the necessity that the strategy includes controls for the purchase of investments and other periods in which the investor wants to hold these investments. Finally, it should be invested in the strategy determines the appropriate level of risk in every investment from these investments.

Tesler APP Profits

Tesler APP Profits

And the Tesler Trader investor can build on the nature of his personality, to determine, among many investment strategies whichever is more compatible with his personality and circumstances and investment objectives. For example, one of the Tesler Investments strategies may include curriculum focuses on the acquisition of growth stocks (shares grow capital values). The other adopts a strategy that seeks to preserve capital, which focuses on lower-risk investments. Regardless of the Rubix Project strategy chosen by the investor, but it must comply with its investment objective, target retirement, or buying a house, or do a commercial activity, or pay the costs of graduate … and so forth. For example, if the investor is in his twenties, and he is investing to secure a pension for himself, the resort because of his young age to the investment strategy open to accept a higher level of risk. But if in the fifties, and invest for the same goal, a more conservative strategy might be.
Allow time for a Tesler Trading strategy

Once the Tesler tRADE investor to determine the end of the strategy in the distribution of assets upon the granting of this strategy time to work and come to fruition, as the investor’s commitment to his plans developed by is an important element for its success. And it may be advisable to maintain investor assets chosen by a full economic cycle distribution strategy, taking into account the need to retain some flexibility to change when the availability of good investment opportunities.

Diversification of assets

Diversification, like asset allocation, is an important part in the investment portfolio management. Diversification and asset allocation of two goals and similar strategies are: the distribution of money on different sectors, reducing investment risk. While asset allocation applies to deploy capital in a variety of investment assets, such as stocks or cash, the diversification means buying a number of investments within a single asset class. Had the stock, for example, represents a part of your investment, you have to diversify your stocks or your investment funds to be able to achieve diversification enough. Diversification helps to keep guessing about the impact of investment decisions. It is well known that it can not be expected to increase the demand for any class of shares at any time – and this makes asset allocation is Manma- nor can you predict that a particular stock would be a good performance in one sector of the securities. And are often difficult to distinguish the investor well-managed companies from weak governance, or select companies that can be performed well in certain circumstances from those that will perform poorly in the same circumstances. However, it is by keeping a diversified portfolio, often limiting investment in the Tesler company with a good management of the consequences of the bad effects of companies with weak management.
Preferably some investors to diversify their investments based on certain indicators, such as selection, for example, secondary shares, which represent smaller categories within a particular class of shares. For example, can the stock split into smaller groups, depending on the total market values, so as to measure the company: large size, or small, or medium, in general, variations in market values ​​reflect the differences in the expected growth, and volatility of stock price, and the possibility that the company survives exporting a share of the economic downturn conditions. And it varies usually small stock performance, medium, and high-volume stock so that oscillates periodically have him perform well in each class period, and weak in another period. Apart from the size of the market values, there are other ways to sort the secondary stock categories including: type of activity, sector, and evaluation.

Tesler Trading APP Portfolio re-balancing

To manage the portfolio of the investor, the preservation of the asset allocation chosen investment strategy like Vena System to feel that the time has come, based on old data provided or change its financial situation, to change this distribution. It is continuing in the current asset allocation for an investor’s strategy demands that the re-balancing her, or redistributed in full from time to time. The re-balancing of the portfolio is important, because the market’s performance raises or lowers the assets of some of the value of investments over time. If, for example, grew out of the values ​​of invested assets in the portfolio compared to the origin of another, we find that the asset would take a large margin on the performance of the investment portfolio, and vice versa if one invested asset values ​​fell, where is the other would take on the performance of the portfolio. As a result, the portfolio has been the owner of the levels of risk more than they want, or to return it for a long-term yields low in part or in full, or even increase the capital portfolio

Tesler Trading APP Is Tesler Trading SCAM Or REAL Investments?

Tesler Trading APP Is Tesler Trading SCAM Or REAL Investments? How to USE Tesler Trading APP To Bank Easy Money Online in 2017? How to Achieve Financial Freedom With Tesler Investments APP? Learn More Useful Information About Tesler Trading Software Until Join in it

Tesler Trading

Alternative Tesler investments category is broad contain a lot of non-traditional, which may include futures, options, real estate, investment funds and private equity investment contracts. Forex trading is considered is the other alternative investment, but trading in options trading market has a number of alternative investments compared to other features, which are as follows:

Tesler Trading

Tesler Trading

Market never closes
binary options trading market can be traded 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, because it is a global market operates in different time zones.

High liquidity
The most liquid in the world with options trading market trades trillions of dollars a day. Are traded more money from the people in the foreign exchange market every day, which is traded in the entire global stock markets.

Margin trading
Binary Trading companies like Tesler Trading offer traders the possibility of trading on margin, which can be possible rolling and profits to be greater than the amount deposited in the account deliberative. The reason for this is due to the multi-trillions market, which means that in order to be able to take advantage of the rolling of small price movements, postures must be large enough to produce big profits. This is different from any other type of trading that only allow traders to use the capital that is within their own deliberative account.

No commissions
While this should not be a determining factor with regard to trading in the binary options trading niche, but it is an additional advantage in. In the currency market, but other markets, the commission did not exist. The costs of trading in Tesler APP is Spreads, which is the difference between buying and selling price and tends to be narrow this matter in Tesler Trading market so that it becomes economically feasible.

There are no market control
Because a large binary options market and contains a lot of participants, there is one side that can control the market price for a long period of time.

Technological development
Constant technological development in Tesler Trading APP platforms deliberative provided by Tesler Trading brokers new and renewable. There are many Tesler software providers who have a deliberative useful add-ons that can help in trading more successful.

Tesler APP Is Tesler Trading SCAM Or REAL?

Tesler APP Is Tesler Trading SCAM Or REAL? How To Make a Huge Fortune with Tesler Investments APP Software? discover how to Profits in Options Trading in 2017 with Tesler Trading System?

Tesler APP

Known to all that e-commerce is a global markets are accessible through the World Wide Web, which are linking modern appliances such as computers, smart phones platforms and electronic software international companies that offer brokerage services became, and contain the global market for financial derivatives for many investment and financial instruments like paper, metals and commodities, foreign currencies, and occupies the top trade foreign exchange trading and attracting investment operations. The foreign exchange market is a global market which meets global currencies through which the sale and purchase in the form of pairs of currencies process. Electronic trading is a kind of lucrative trade, and will always be a rewarding and satisfying profits, so when it is rolling familiar with how currency trading correct and effective manner.



The live currency online trading in the binary options market is a modern and sophisticated science and remains in constant evolution, so everyone should know this type of trade, study well because they are considered trade era. Tesler Investments APP as a company offer you currency trading summary to enable every trader to take all the information it needs to manage capital in a way that have been profitable bumper and without exposure to the relapses, where each person must be an investor in the currency market to know what is traded and types of currencies, the appropriate times to deliberate, the way gains and other important topics that you’ll learn it with us. Currency trading basics when trading currency pairs, it is buying one currency and selling another currency other hand effectively. Let’s take a simple example to explain how it’s done: The euro against the dollar EUR / USD pair is most prevalent in trading currencies. EUR symbol refers to the euro currency symbol USD refers to the currency of the US dollar. In the above currency pair, it referred to the euro as the base currency is referred to the US dollar as the pricing currency. Seen proportionality as a solo, even though it refers to the two currencies singles.

In other words, you are trading the euro / dollar currency pair not the euro or the US dollar. To explain more about the example of the base currency trading by adding some numbers. If we assume that the Euro was trading against the US dollar is 1.25345, it means that every 1 euro = US $ 1.25 Approx. In other words, the euro is stronger than the dollar, or vice versa may need more dollars to buy the euro. Some basic terms in the currency major currency pairs trading when trading currency pairs, you will experience six major currencies pairs in trades daily and these pairs are as follows: Euro / US Dollar (EUR / USD) Pound Sterling / US Dollar (GBP / USD) US dollar / Japanese yen (USD / JPY) US dollar / Swiss Franc (USD / CHF) US dollar / Canadian dollar (USD / CAD) Australian dollar / US dollar (AUD / USD) Put simply, these couples are the most traded in the world, it is very likely be subject to the vagaries of great prices. When pairs traded major currencies, with Tesler software, you warrant low which is another reason to trade with us. Currency pairs secondary secondary currency pairs are those least pairs traded major currency pairs. They are less liquid than the major currency pairs and often contain a wider Tesler Software. In general, the secondary currency pairs are any currency pairs except for those six couples that were mentioned above. Here in Tesler Investment, we have a wide range of secondary currency pairs in order to give you the field of trading in them. Currency pairs is traded currency pairs traded is typically include currencies of emerging market countries. The reason for the launch of the label on these currencies is not related to the location of the state, but to call the additional challenges associated with assigned to the circulation of this currency pair. Currency is traded pairs are generally not tear include Tesler System broader and less market-makers. Some examples of non-traded currency pairs: the South African rand (ZAR), and Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) and Mexican peso (MXN).

Now that I got some information about currency trading, open an account with Tesler Investments APP to start today’s trading major currencies pairs, secondary currencies and currencies of non-current. The work of the foreign exchange market times that the world of foreign exchange is working around the clock non-stop for five days a week where the market opens on Sunday at nine pm GMT and closes on Friday evening at nine GMT. The trader can during these days to execute his trades to buy and sell around the clock and from anywhere in the world with the speed without any effort or fatigue. Through the click of a button you can execute the commands you want, but he must know the right time for trading and market trend. Currency trading method and calculation of profits the investor must first open a real account and nutrition capital that suits him, then installs one of the trading platforms provided by Tesler APP which are many and suit everyone platforms, and can be customized and adjusted according to taste and rolling the way it works. And then executing transactions begin immediately on all currency pairs that we offer and located in the foreign exchange market.

And are trading process through access trading platform and choose the currency pair that he deems appropriate, and the purchase or allegiance based on the recommendations or the core of this pair technical analysis which gives an indication of the price movement both in bullish or bearish trend who shall allegiance in the event of a landing or buy it in the case of the ups and this the so-called “margin trading” as it is calculated by the number of points Tesler Trading APP website this pair in case of buy and add profit to balance investor and vice versa. Profits are calculated based on the number of points, which is driven by the pair and the size of the contract, the more Increased the size of the contract has increased with each point won.

For example, can follow the last two digits in the price of the pair to see how many points and measured based on the size of the contract and called (Lott) and divides croaker small parts fit capital humble can be doubled to more than one lot per decade, and this is what can individuals from trading and speculation in the foreign exchange market .