How Was Tesler App Created?

Tesler App is a result of one person’s curiosity and their journey to find answers to the questions they had about Bitcoin. The founder of Tesler App was already fascinated with the fact that Satoshi Nakamoto remained a mystery to the world after giving it one of the most revolutionary forms of currency. However, their keenness to know more about this digital asset turned into a passion for trading it after they learned about its true potential.

It took them three years to create trading strategies that really worked well for them as a Bitcoin trader. After reading the price patterns, figuring out the factors that affect Bitcoin pricing the most, and pointing out the trading tools that were best suited for Bitcoin trading, they finally started putting it all together to create Tesler App.

In 2014, the founder of the platform discussed their plans with their friend who then put them in touch with a team of programmers. It took no more than 15 months for them to create this Tesler App, a hub with all the Bitcoin trading resources that a trader would need. With time, the trading platform has improved and technologically advanced to support quick trades within a few clicks.

Why Was Tesler App Created?

The reason behind the creation of Tesler App is that the founders wanted a place for those interested in crypto trading to learn about Bitcoin, find out various trading strategies, and hopefully have a smooth Bitcoin trading experience.

The purpose of the platform since day one of its creation has been to show traders that they can have their own trading styles, favorite Bitcoin pairs, and set parameters to trade however they want.

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